Building Something Big, In the Middle of Somewhere Small

Flywheel set out in 2012 to create a better platform for building and hosting websites. It became the fastest growing company in Nebraska, with more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

Building a Company in Corn Country: A Lesson in Scarcity

Venture Capital investment per capita for California and Nebraska, 2018.
Building a high growth company in Omaha, Nebraska requires thinking with a new mindset. Not “why don’t we have what’s available in other places?” but “how can we build on what we have here?”

What Makes Flywheel Different

  1. We Make Our Customers Our Mentors
The team from Fruitful Design, some of Flywheel’s earliest customers who spoke to our teams at our 2020 all-company retreat.
Building an extraordinary team isn’t about beer fridges and scooters, it’s about taking bets on people.
An early home-grown marketing campaign, created by and starring Flywheel employees.
Flywheel’s mission is to help creatives do their best work. We put it in neon in our new office to keep it top of mind.

Grateful for the Scarcity, Motivated by the Hardship



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