This March, I was planning to give a speech at SaaStr US, about how our company, Flywheel, built something big, right in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska. This week is my last week at Flywheel, and while the pandemic prevented me from giving this speech on stage, I’m publishing it here, as a thank you note to the company of extraordinary creatives and founders Tony Noecker, Rick Knudtson, and Dusty Davidson who welcomed me onto this rocketship in 2016. Here we go.

I grew up in Nebraska with one single belief: that if I wanted to do something big, I…

As a goals nerd, I’m insufferable at dinner parties. I’m the one that makes everyone go around the table and say their “intention word” for the year, or name their resolutions and goals. It is not enjoyable for others, but I’ve learned a lot about how we set goals and how to help them be more successful.

But because of it, I’ve had hundreds of conversations about goals, the actual work of those goals, our flexibility around them, and the way our goals feel when we achieve them and when we fall short.

I also have the extraordinary opportunity to…


COO at Flywheel, Goals Nerd, & Spreadsheet Enthusiast

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